UK Performance Tour 2011

While I was in the UK for the MWA Awards Ceremony I managed to book a performance tour alhamdulillah. Thanks to the help of many friends and acquaintance, in two weeks I visited London, Leicester, Liverpoole, Blackburne, Briersfield, Huddersfield, Hounslow, Banbury, Oxford, and Milton Keynes. Mashallah! I loved being among the Muslims in these communities, which I found vibrant and welcoming. Overall I told the story of Musa aleyhisalam to around 1000 children and adults in thirteen performances, in schools, mosque associations, and madrassas. Children aged 4 and up were enthusiastic and generous listeners alhamdulillah, and I sold lots and lots of books and CD’s too.

I am available to do another tour in the late spring,  anywhere in the world!  One could inquire at

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When Wings Expand Wins UK Muslim Writers Association Award!!!

Alhamdulillah the Muslim Writers’ Association short-listed WINGS for an award in its 2011 Unpublished Children’s Work category, and then it was announced as the winner in that category at an awards ceremony at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London on 22 November.  InshaAllah it will be released by Kube Publishing this year, make dua!! It is in its final stages of editing….sometimes the most painful stages so I’m not kidding when I say make dua!

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