The Stories-of-Light Website is finally in its last stages of completion! Alhamdulillah even with no promotion or announcement, the moment the ordering process was put into place, orders for CD’s started coming in. And thanks to CD Baby, the CD as digital downloads are now available through them, though iTunes, and in a short while, inshaAllah, from the Stories-of-Light site too.

For now, following this link will take you to the Bowing of the Stars order page, where you can hear a sample from each track and order a download! And clicking on will take you the the page featuring A Mercy to the Worlds.

My new book, When Wings Expand, is in its final stages of revision now and will be published early next year by Kube Publishing UK. I am fortunate to be working with a brilliant and very patient editor, Yosef Smythe, and fortunate too that my mentors Pattie Gauch and Kim Griswald, with whom I worked in two amazing Highlights Foundation Founders Workshops, have read generous parts of the manuscript and have made their considerable experience and expertise available to me, alhamdulillah.

Here’s an excerpt from When Wings Expand, the journal of a 12-year old Muslim girl living in Toronto:

Monday July 14, 2008

I walked through the house this morning before everyone got up and the silence really scared me. Mehmed woke up next, calling out for Mama. When I went into his room he just turned away from me and stuck his head under the covers. I felt so hurt, especially after last night. I ran back to my room and threw myself onto my settee. My throat was aching and I just started to cry and cry like I would never be able to stop. I didn’t know how to be different, to be strong. It was all just a bunch of words, Buraq. I was remembering the butterfly on the sunflower, and the feeling that Mama was soaring away somewhere, and that I had wings beginning to grow, but none of that was real! It was just all my imagination!  Why couldn’t she just have beautiful wings in this life here with me? Why did she need to die?? When I saw the butterfly fly away, I saw my mother and her beauty and her grace flying away from me. I wanted her here with me! I cried harder and harder and harder but I began to see that no amount of crying would change anything, and finally I felt Baba sit on the floor beside the settee. “I’m here, Nur. I love you.”  Buraq, it was amazing. He didn’t have to say anything…I just felt the pressure leave me slowly, and I actually started to feel almost like peace come into my heart. Mehmed came in and crawled onto my bed, and we all just stayed there together, me and Mehmed on my bed, Baba on the floor, for a long time.

Then suddenly Baba jumped up. “Right!” he said. Grab the grapefruits and let’s go!”

“Where?” Mehmed asked.

“To the waterfall!”

It really helps to be in the woods, you know, Buraq?

The waterfall crashes
And yet within the roar
There is silence.
This is what
Takes me into itself
And I go, leaving behind the sadness
That roars in me.
Then I remember
What Mama always said to me,
Wait. You will see. Allah is cherishing you...

How does Baba know that bringing us to the waterfall is the best possible medicine? Even Mehmed was smiling sometimes by the time we got into the car to come back. In the afternoon Baba took us back to the cemetery. We lay down together on the grass near Mama’s grave and Baba asked Allah to reach into our hearts and heal the wound that her dying is for us.

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