Curl up and give a listen:

A Trust of Treasures cover

A Trust of Treasures can be ordered by writing to  $15

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  1. salamu alaykum

    Sister Maryam,I recently purchased your newest story on Rasul Allah (saws). I love it masha Allah and so do my kids. I’d like to make a copy of it and send it to a dear friend and wanted to ask your permission. I know I could get it off of sunnipath but I can’t afford the purchase. Please contact me at the email address provided insh Allah. I wasn’t sure where to contact you at.

    with love and respect,

    your sister in Islam

  2. Wa alaykum as salam

    I’m so grateful to hear that you and your children liked the Mercy to the Worlds and I pray that you will continue to find benefit in it. I appreciate your dilemma and would like to tell you to send it to your friend, but please know that keeping this endeavor afloat is really difficult and usually I am in a major struggle. Alhamdulillah I wouldn’t choose anything else but what I am trying to say is please don’t make a copy unless you can do something else to compensate, like help to pass the word: find folks who have the means to buy CD’s; or make sure folks who might not otherwise have heard of the work get a chance to hear how much benefit you feel it gives your children and direct them to this blog; or write a review of the CD I could post on the website; and most of all please make lots and lots of dua especially for the completion of the website which is like the horizon, seemingly ever-receding!

    wasalam, may you be in felicity and faith, and thank you so much for writing!

  3. As-salamu Alaykum Dear Sister Maryam,

    My parents-in-law recently announced that they’d be visiting us for a few weeks and asked if there was anything in particular that they could bring.
    I was excited at the prospect of choosing a new book or two for my children and so I searched the internet for a twaddle-free, well illustrated book that would engage the minds of my ever active 3 and 4 year old boys.
    It didn’t take much surfing before I came across the magnificent Trust of Treasures. I clicked on the ‘add to your basket’ and sat back to a listen to the amazing narration…
    .. I simply cannot wait to sit with Grandma on her arrival and my boys and read this story together.
    Thank you. We look forward to this treasure in our little library.

    Barak Allah Ta’ala Feeki.

    • wa alaykum as salam Mona,

      Alhamdulillah! May it be of benefit and of pleasure for all of you inshaAllah. Barakallahu feeke for writing!

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