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Available now from the Islamic Foundation Markfield website, and soon from bookstores in the US and the UK, and before long, inshaAllah from my new site, Stories of


The Grand Mufti of Jordan Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman has heard parts of A Mercy to the Worlds-the Coming of Muhammad, May Allah bless him and give him peace, that were translated into Arabic for him. He said, “This is beautiful. It will surely inspire love for Allah and His Messenger. The Arabs need it too…please make an Arabic version.”   A preliminary translation was then made of the whole piece, and another mufti in his office both listened to the English recording and read the Arabic script and declared that it was sound, alhamdulillah.

We requested that the Grand Mufti make an official endorsement which can go on the CD cover. This will mean a lot, since one of the most remarkable qualities of Islam is authenticity. Every aspect of Islam has been painstakingly preserved and recorded, so instead of making up the traditions, as is necessary for the other religions since so much has been lost, there is meticulous scholarship and remarkable preservation of information. We received his page-long statement yesterday, and are very grateful for his generous assistance and support.  This means that (more…)

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The Grace of Ramadan

May Ramadan visit you with blessings of felicity and certainty and increased determination to purify the heart and use every valuable minute in remembrance of Him Who Brought Us Into Being.

The ninth month of pregnancy can seem  longer than all the other months of the pregnancy, and the last week can seem like longer than the whole pregnancy. These weeks have been feeling that way to me in my writing life.  Three projects that have been gestating for years, two of them for over seven years, are finally on the verge of fruition. But alhamdilillah now that Ramadan is here, the palpable baraka of its mysterious days and nights suddenly makes the waiting a mere flutter of a gnat’s wing in the face of Allah’s Majesty and Magnificence. These Ramadan days and nights are surely made of different fabric from all the rest.

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