A Labor of Love

Moments form the Life of the Prophet Yusuf, peace upon him

A project of love, begun a little over twelve years ago in Istanbul, and completed this year  in Amman with the generous help of renowned tafsir scholar Sheikh Ali Hani and his trusted translator Sohail Hanif, and the painstaking editing of Sam Ross.  A double audio CD, English telling 1 1/2 hours,  Qur’anic recitation of Surtul Yusuf 30 min. The short nasheed interludes are sung by the girls of Dar al Zahra in Tarim, Yemen. The artwork is by Mukhtar Sanders.

Give a listen:

Here are some comments:

“An entrancing performance like this is a unique treasure, a wonderful resource for teaching children about the prophets, developing their linguistic capabilities, and inspiring their love and devotion for Allah with vivid images that will nourish them from within.” Inayet F. Sahin, M.Ed. Curriculum Theory and Development

“My four-year old son Dawoud and I were spellbound by this telling, dazzled by the grandeur of the story. For the first time I felt the beautiful reality of the Prophet Yusuf, the magnificence of his personality. The next day, Dawoud retold all of the part we had heard to his father. He still wants to listen again and again and his understanding grows each time.” Heba Salem, Amman, Jordan

“Phenomenal, mashaAllah.” Sam Ross, Qasid Institute, Amman

“The work is unparalleled in the purity and clarity with which it expresses the emotions and events.  One feels one is really there beholding the various happenings.” Sohail Hanif, Sunnipath, Amman

“Qur’anic narrative mentions the most important details relating to the primary lessons of its stories, and the rest of the details are left out; left for the reader to imagine the events that might have transpired in-between the lines, an imagining that is aided by context, common sense, and the many subtle hints in the Qur’an. For one to fill in these gaps and contemplate on them is part of interacting with Qur’anic stories and at times is essential to full understanding of the lessons that are to be learnt.

I have checked this telling relying on five different works of Qur’anic interpretation. The details filled in from the very able imagination of the author completely accord with the spirit and soul of the story to help the listener, especially the child, appreciate the wonder and miracle of the surah. None of the details contradict any Islamic value and many can be found in the copious literature of Qur’anic exegesis.

I believe it is an excellent contribution to much-needed literature that invites the reader to truly absorb and enter the world of the Qur’an. The beautiful writing style of the author corresponds nicely to the magical and compelling style of the Qur’anic original.

And Allah alone gives success.”    Sheikh Ali Hani, Amman, Jordan

“My children and I were enthralled. This account will stir your soul and stimulate your mind. I recommend it most sincerely to anyone, young or old, who loves to hear of the lives of our prophets and draw lessons from them.”
Fowzia Bora, UK


Nur al Qasas, The Light of the Spoken Word

When you hear, you’ll see

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  1. MashaAllah! My children still listen to your retelling of the Year of the Elephant and love it! My question is, how can I purchase this latest storytelling gift? And is there a way to pay then download via the internet? We are living overseas and the postal service is not that reliable 🙂

    JazakAllah kheir!

  2. salams Roxanne, keep making dua for the new website to be finished, from where you’ll inshaAllah be able to download all kinds of stories short and long, plus early-reader booklets, and order the cd’s and books all from one place inshaAllah!

    wasalam, Mehded

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